Table wood saw-Electric Material Hoist

Modern Machinery Trading LLC, sells electric table wood saw machine powered by 5.5 hp motor & protected by safety switch for overloading & phase protection.   Our table wood saw machines are visible in every construction site, proven durability & capability to finish the job.  Our table wood cutting machines steel frame is so robust that can last for so many years.  Modern Machinery Trading LLC, also sells electric hoist 1 ton capacity 3phase and 1 phase for lifting materials at construction sites.  Our electric material lifting hoists are made in Italy, and provided with steel frame & bucket.

Table wood saw & Table Wood Cutter
  • Table Wood Saw.

  • Italian Make

  • 5.5 Horse Power Motor.

  • Rigid Frame

  • 3 Phase

  • Safety Switch

  • Operator Safety Guard

Electric Hoist
  • Electric Hoist KTD1000

  • Italian Make.

  • 3 KW Horse Power Motor.

  • 1 000 KG Capacity.

  • 3 Phase.

  • Overload Safety Switch.

GAZZELA Floor Polishing Machine Modern Machinery Trading LLC
  • Floor Polishing Machine.

  • Italian Make

  • 4 KW Horse Power Motor.

  • 1 TON Capacity

  • 3 Phase Or Single Phase

  • 35 Liter Tank

  • 330 mm Rotatong Disk

Batmatic Block Splitter Modern Machinery Trading LLC
  • Interlock Cutter.

  • Italian Make

  • Durable Lasting life

  • 31 cm Cutting Width

  • 11cm Cutting Height.

Plaster sprayer
  • Plaster Sprayer.

  • Italian Make.

  • Weight 2.45 kG.

  • Maximum Working Pressure 6 Bar.

Linosella PLaster Smoother Modern Machinery Trading LLC
  • Plaster Smoothing Disks

  • Italian Make.

  • Different Roughness Disks

  • Durable Machine

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Palme Makina Walk Behind Roller Compactor
Linosella Concrete Mixer
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ATMOS Screw Compressor