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Modern Machinery Trading LLC, is a leading screw air compressor in Dubai, ATMOS Chrast brand.  Our screw air compressor range in different models and capacities, electric screw air compressors, electric piston compressors & portable Diesel screw compressors.  Capacities for the Diesel portable screw air compressor range from 100 cfm up to 1000 cfm, Powered by Perkins engine, Kubota engine for small and medium Diesel rotary screw air compressors.  Big size air compressors 500 cfm and above are powered by caterpillar engine.

Our Portable screw air compressor mainly sold in UAE market for construction sites, oil field sites & sand blasting marine maintenance.  Our compressor are sold  in the UAE market since 2013, proven to be durable & can withstand high temperature in UAE during summer time without overheating .

ATMOS chrast screw compressor meets the European standard certification CE, which means our portable screw compressor shutdown if engine temperature or air temperature reaches 110c, and if oil pressure goes down engine shuts down. our Screw air compressors got extra leverage over other screw compressors, by its computerized panel which protects the compressor if engine rpm exceeds limit speed or minimum speed, also if overpressure happens or under pressure. One extra advantage that our compressor shuts down if engine Dynamo not charging, and if battery voltage is low it wont allow cranking engine eighter to protect starter & wires from heating and burning out.  Our expertise are excellent in servicing and repairing screw compressors air ends if air end bearings and screw rotors needs polishing.  ATMOS chrast Portable Diesel compressor PDK33 PDP95 air ends are durable can last up to minimum 5000 hours to 10000 hours until air end bearing needs to be replaced.  Our PDP65. & bigger compressor can withstand above 10 hours of continous work under 52c temeprature without overheating.