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              Floor Screed Pump

FLOW MASTER WM-55S is a very powerful floor-screed pump. It is one of the best machines in the world thanks to its powerful diesel engine. The delivery rate is higher and the delivery distance is longer than its equivalents’. In addition to that, the hydraulic skip increases the work capacity as it leads to finish the application in shorter time. Its aesthetic and user-friendly design also contributes to its high performance rate. Its great design provides high efficiency.

The machine is located at the ground level. After mixing the components in the mixer, it can pump the screed up to the building floor where the floor-screed is applied. It is possible to pump screed up to 35th floor with the standard equipment.

FLOW MASTER WM-55S Floor Screed Pump with Hydraulic Skip is ideal for mixing and conveying floor-screed, sand, gravel, fine grained concrete and similar components with grain size up to 16 mm (32 mm is optional) and with appropriate viscosity.



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