ATMOS Portable Screw Air Compressors

 70-400 CFM Perkins Engine Powered Range

 70-250CFM Kubota Engine Powered Range

800 CFM-875 CFM Powered By Perkins

Modern Machinery Trading LLC, sells reputed portable Diesel compressors in Dubai, ATMOS brand.  Our screw air compressors in Dubai range from 100 cfm to 1000 cfm, 7 bars to 14 bars.  ATMOS screw compressors are powered by Perkins, Kubota & Caterpillar engines.  Modern Machinery Trading LLC been selling  ATMOS screw air compressors in UAE   since 2013, they proved they can run in 52C ambient temperatures without heating for over ten hours.  ATMOS screw air compressors 100 cfm to 1000 cfm are monitored  by computer display that show engine rpm, oil pressure, engine temperature & battery voltage.  The screw air compressor computer control will shutoff the machine if the rpm f the engine overspeed, underspeed, high air pressure, low air pressure, battery voltage low, high engine temperature & high air end temperature.  Our screw Air compressors are powder coated to resist heat and rust & over all that is durable built to last.  


      Features and benefits:

  • Engines - The engine as one of the key components has a direct influence on the reliability of the machine. We are using engines with power reserve to offer higher reliability and longer life time. The engine RPM in our portable range is optimally set up based on performance curve. It means very low fuel consumption.

  • Control system - Two stages proportional control system is the next benefit which markedly reduces fuel consumption. The control system perfectly controls the current air consumption to optimize energy for compressed air needed and it leads to extra fuel saving for the customer.

  • Air ends - The proven air ends in our portable range provide high reliability during the life time of the machine. The latest generation of screw profile has excellent characteristics in efficiency and noise level point of view.

  • Safety system - The safety system monitors coolant temperature, engine oil pressure and compressor oil temperature. If any of the mentioned parameters are exceeded, the machine will shut down or change to stand-by mode automatically.

  • Undercarriages - We use galvanized, fully certified undercarriages in accordance with EU standards. Based on customer demands we could offer several options like: fix height tow bar, braked or un-braked or variable height tow bar braked or un-braked

  • Canopies - The canopy reduces the noise level in accordance with EU environmental rules and restrictions. We pay high attention to protect our machine against corrosion. The top and bottom parts of the canopy of our portable range are iron phosphate and powder coated which is approximate to automotive standard.

  • Water in compressed air - Our range is ready to offer you dry air. We can deliver the machine with high efficiency after cooler and water traps which are inbuilt under the top part of the canopy. It really delivers you dry air for application like sand or ice blasting.