Air Demolish Jack Hammers 

Modern Machinery Trading LLC, sells Demolish air jack hammers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE.  Our Saxon Air jack Hammers are connected to screw air compressor via 3/4 inch hose, 6 bar, 60 cfm needed to make our Air jack Hammers start operating.  Our demolishing Air jack hammers are made in UK, robust & durable and served in many construction sites in UAE.

Air Demolish Jack Hammer
  • Saxon  Paving Jack Hammer

  • UK Make

  • Different sizes 10KG-40KG

  • 1250 Blow Per Minute

  • Durable Product.

  • 7 Bar Pressure

  • 60 CFM

Air Scabblers
  • Saxon Scabbler

  • UK Make

  • 3 head-1 Head

  • 22 mm Working Width

  • 6 bar Pressure 5 CFM Needed