Building firms
In any building site there is always excavation, demolition, earth moving and lifting works to be done and, especially, the working times and personnel management need to be optimized. Thanks to the greatly reduced weight, the lifting capacity and the nice outreach of its telescopic boom, Multione machines can be used in building restructuring work to knock down dividing walls, demolition, make openings or pass through doors, for reaching any room.

Floor laying
One machine for breaking up old floors, collecting the debris, moving and placing floor tiles, mixing, with a great optimization of time and money. The light weight and the articulated chassis of Multione machines allow working also on just laid floors, without dirtying or damaging the surface. The dynamic block system allow the machine to not damaged the surface during operation.

Workers in this sector often have to battle with broken up terrain and excavate materials that turn out to be of different texture as they progress with the excavation, they must load, unload or lift till different heights... All these works can be made with one machine only: Multione!

Rental companies
Customers are increasingly seeking a ready-to-use product which always works and capable to solve any problem, even if unforeseen. This is why Multione machines are suitable for hire contractors both for the building industry and for the agricultural sector. Thanks to the greatly compact dimensions and the light weight, it is possible to move Multione machines with a small trailer.

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