Single Drum Roller Compactor

The extraordinary safety, excellent compaction performance and modern design of heavy-weight Single Drum Rollers guarantee high efficiency and best results even under the toughest working conditions. High compaction quality with a low number of compaction runs provides the best economic benefit to the user.  The wide range of 9 models between 7 and 25 tonnes cover every need of soil compaction

 Brochure: Heavy-weight single drum rollers 7-25 t


  • Preset operating speed guarantees optimum intervals for effective compaction

  • Electro-hydraulic cab and foldable hood for safe access during maintenance and service

  • Large fuel tank for up to 32 hours of continuous operation

  • Hydrostatic all wheel driver concept

  • Double bearing articulated and oscillating joint

  • Very low centre of gravity

  • Optimally balanced front frame and drum for consistent compaction

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