Tamping Rammers In Dubai

AMMANN Tamping Rammer Modern Machinery Trading LLC

  Vibratory Plate ACR 60, 68, 70 

Ammann tamping rammers are powerful, economic, operator-friendly and ergonomic in design - in short, the ideal compaction machine for your construction project. Whether trench construction, backfilling, sub-layer compaction for basements and industrial buildings or repair work on roads and pathways: Ammann rammers can cope with the toughest conditions. Both models are characterized by reliability, high compaction performance, easy serviceability, a low centre of gravity and high power reserves. All of these properties enable fatigue-free work even in the most difficult soil conditions.




  • Elastically supported guide handle for fatigue-free operation

  • Additional rollers and grips for easy loading and unloading

  • Sure-grip, vibration-insulated guide handle

  • Corrosion-free fuel tank

  • Powerful and robust single-spring system

  • Easily accessible recoil starter

  • Throttle adjustment with automatic idle

  • Integrated, super-sized fine mesh air filter, easy to clean

  • Robust crank drive

  • Wear-resistant ramming shoe made of high-quality plastic with integrated steel plate